Executive Board Applications

Dear student leader…

Thank you for showing interest in the Garnet and Gold Key Leadership Honorary Executive Board. We are FSU’s oldest and most prestigious leadership honorary on campus. We date back to 1924 and the Florida State College for Women. It began with class competitions, high school scholastic achievements and a desire to foster and commend outstanding leadership, scholarship and service.

Our Alumni include former Governors, Ministers, and Student Body Presidents to Marching Chiefs and World-Renowned Scientists. Garnet and Gold Key is not only a leadership honorary, but a close network of students, faculty, and friends that exemplify the utmost character, active involvement, and high academic standards.

To be a leader among leaders takes the embodiment of the three pillars of Garnet and Gold Key: Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

To be eligible for an executive position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Garnet and Gold Key member in good standing; both academically and through Garnet and Gold Key.
  • Be a dues paying member.
  • Provide at least one letter of recommendation (Two for President Applicants).
  • Hold a cumulative grade point average higher than a 3.0.
  • Have availability to commit the time to leadership of Garnet and Gold Key.

If you have any questions, please email fsuggkpresident@gmail.com.

Applications are now CLOSED.